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Our team

As a team we are committed to ethically solving oral problems and the needs of patients, understanding their reason for consultation, applying active listening, integrated into an assertive clinical diagnosis, complemented by a digital workflow and the use
essential magnifying loupes.



Dentist. msc. MBA.

Associate professor. Surgery and Oral Pathology. European University of Madrid.

COEM Collegiate: 28015588

I am a person who seeks excellence, a professional career of 23 years in the dental world and 15 years dedicated to oral surgery & osseointegration, trained for dental procedures under intravenous sedation, passionate about peri-implant surgery and periodontics, perfecting all of the above with the latest trends in aesthetics and dental rehabilitation, 

Dentist. Universidad de Los Andes 2000, graduated 10th in a class of 59 students.

San Francisco Institute of English. 2001. San Francisco. California. USA

msc. Specialist in Oral Surgery. Central University of Venezuela.2005. Honorific mention. 1st In A Promotion Of 9 Students Of The Specialty. Degree thesis mention publication. Three years of exclusive dedication to the master's degree with hospital rotations.

Osseointegration. Pontifical Javeriana University. 2015. Surgical and prosthetic techniques in treatment with dental implants. Colombia.

International Certification in dental applications of Hyaluronic Acid. 2016. Latin American Center for Dental Training. University cartagena. Colombia.

Euroinnova Business School. 2017mba. Direction And Management Of Dental Clinics. Spain.

Implant prosthetics Rey Juan Carlos University. 2020. Higher University Course 11th Edition. Dr. Luis Vazquez Vazquez. Spain.

University Studies Center Madrid. Sanitary Graduate School. 2020-2021. Dental Aesthetics. Smile Analysis.

Expert in Interdisciplinary Digital Dentistry. European University of Madrid. 2021, Post Graduate School. Digitally and Prosthetically Guided Dental Implants, Digitally Planned Periodontal Surgery. Dr. Jaime Jimenez.


Implant prosthetics and aesthetics.

College number: 51000006

Hello, I am Dr Ignacio Jiménez, although in the clinic you will know me as Nacho. My vocation for dentistry has never been something that surprises me at home, since there I had one of my personal and dental references, my father. In me you will find what has been instilled in me and I have seen since I was very young: honesty, demand and work. I will seek to achieve the most satisfactory result for you, without forgetting that health prevails above all else. Within the clinic, my job will consist of getting them back to all their oral function together with a highly demanding aesthetic result.

Dentist, Complutense University of Madrid

Volunteer cooperation "Dentists without limits" Nicaragua - 2017 Master's degree in restorative, aesthetic and endodontic dentistry (URJC) Master's degree in implant rehabilitation (URJC)
Injected Composites Course - 2021

ProWorkShop FIRSTFIT Course - Minimally invasive guided veneers - 2021 BOPT course on teeth and implants - Dr. Martín Laguna - 2021

Course "aesthetic and static complete prosthesis- SEMCD Technique - Dr. Jose Luís Antonaya - 2022 Theoretical-practical course.

Criteria for the use of composites in worn or destroyed teeth - Dr Rafael Calixto - 2022

University Specialization Course in Oral Rehabilitation of Major Wear - Dr. Ernest Mallat - 2022

Layering course with composites in anterior teeth - Dr Javier Creamades and Dr Givane Vincenzo



Dentist. Orthodontist

Registered number: 28012055

My career in dentistry began at the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid, where I obtained my Bachelor's Degree in Dentistry in 2012. Determined to specialize, I continued my studies at the same university, completing a Master's Degree in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, as well as a Master's Degree in Dentistry Integrated, with an outstanding thesis on the permeabilization of the airways with maxillary disjunction. I expanded my training with a Master in invisible orthodontics and a certificate in WIN lingual technique. Additionally, I gained experience in surgical orthodontics with a certificate at ORTOMAX in Madrid. I completed my academic career with a Master's Degree in Orofacial Harmonization in Seville. Each stage of my training has been a step towards professional excellence, fueling my passion for providing the best care to my patients.



Dentist. endodontist

College number: 28014944

I studied dentistry at the San Pablo CEU University, where I finished in 2016.

I worked in Paris for 6 years; During that time I completed a postgraduate course in endodontics in León, and later the Master's in Advanced Endodontics at the European University of Madrid.

I have attended several national and international endodontic congresses.

Currently I combine the practice of endodontics in Madrid and Paris. In addition, I am a graduate professor in the Integrated Adult Dentistry subject, collaborating at the European University of Madrid.

I love being an endodontist because I like to give teeth a second chance.


Patient Care

A day without smiling is a wasted day. Let's not waste time to change the world so that we can all smile and be happy with wonderful oral health.

For many years this has been and is my ultimate goal.

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